Conference program DTD and Transformations

This package provides the capability of encoding in one comprehensive XML file the program of a conference and to generate the web pages for the program and for accessing various formats.

It is an effort towards helping the production of data encoded in semantic web formats (RDF, DAML) and data that can be used by Personal Information Management (PIM) devices.

Content of the package

This directory contains

The DTD for conference programs
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to DAML
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to table-based HTML overview
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to HTML
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to RDF/iCal
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to vCal (obsolete)
XSLT Stylesheet from confpgm to XML/vCal
XSLT Stylesheet from XML/vCal to vCal
This file
This file is generated by Transmorpher is strips details from the confpgm files. It is a regular XSLT stylesheet and can be processed without Transmorpher.
(xxx/yyy means xxx encoding of the yyy infoset).

An example: 2002 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence program

The example starts from the source file written in XML:

The program expressed in the confpgm DTD
Layout of the ISWC pages in which the result is inserted
and processes the Transmorpher transformation:
The Transmorpher process
$ java -jar transmo.jar process.xml
This generates the following files:
A general, table-based, HTML presentation of the program
A general RDF encoding of the program
A detailled DAML encoding of the program
A detailled HTML presentation of the program
A detailled vCalendar presentation of the program

If you do not have Transmorpher, you can download it or use the XSLT stylesheet as usual, they are genuine XSLT (1.0) stylesheet.

Conferences powered by confpgm

Tools that accept Confpgm formats

 Program in Retsina Calendar

 Program in web browser, Palm
desktop and Palm emulator


The development of this package has been partially supported by the Ontoweb thematic network.

Frequently Expected Questions

What is PimLib?

PimLib is supposed to be a set of tools for helping personnal information management. It will feature, in a first attempt, categories for places, events, persons, organizations, references. It should be:

Confpgm is aimed at being a component of PimLib.

What is Transmorpher?

Transmorpher, in this case, can be though of as a portable transformation aggregation program. It allows the single-line processing of a complex transformation made of the chaining of elementary transformations declared in an XML file.

Transmorpher is available separately at

This page will soon be posted at

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