ECAI 2002 Schedule



[Freyssinet] STAIRS


[Vannier] W1 Ontologies and Semantic Interoperability


[Türing] Tutorial: An Introduction to Ant Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence

[Curie] Tutorial: Data Mining and Relational Knowledge Discovery

[Néel 12] Tutorial: Models and use of context in AI

[Néel 22] Tutorial: Bayesian inference and learning


[Néel 21] Tutorial: Ontologies : Representation, Engineering, Learning and Applications

[Néel 23] W3 Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence

[Hamilton] W4 Configuration

[Coriolis] W5 Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories

[Néel 04] W6 Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Systems

[Néel 06] W12 Knowledge Discovery from Temporal and Spatial Data

[Néel 07] W13 Agents Applied in Health Care

[Néel 08] W16 Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for Ontology Engineering

[Néel 13] W17 Creative Systems: Approaches to Creativity in AI and Cognitive Science

[Néel 10] W18 Computational Models of Natural Argument


[Néel 22] Tutorial: Reasoning with, about and for Constraint Handling Rules

[Türing] Tutorial: Machine Learning for Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

[Néel 12] Tutorial: Aspects of Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning

[Curie] Tutorial: Information extraction from Web documents



[Néel 04] W14 Binding Environmental Sciences and Artificial Intelligence


[Néel 12] Tutorial: Molecular Computing and Computational Moleware : How to Efficiently Solve the NP problems

[Curie] Tutorial: Seeking Information : Methods from Information Retrieval and Artificial Intelligence


[Türing] Tutorial: Probabilistic Robotics

[Néel 22] Tutorial: Elements of Formal Language Theory for Artificial Intelligence

[Néel 09] W2 Advances in Formal Concept Analysis for Knowledge Discovery in Databases

[Hamilton] W7 Knowledge Transformation for the Semantic Web

[Néel 16] W8 Spatial and Temporal Reasoning

[Néel 03] W9 Modelling and Solving Problems with Constraints

[Néel 07] W20 Agent Technologies in Logistics

[Néel 14] W21 Intelligent Data Analysis in Medicine and Pharmacology

[Néel 11] W22 Semantic Authoring, Annotation and Knowledge Markup


[Curie] Tutorial: Description Logics: Basics, Inference, Algorithms and Applications



[Capelle] Invited talk: IT: Content and Meaning on the Semantic Web


[Curie] Technical session: AG: Agents

Competing in a Queue for Resource Allocations among Non-Cooperative Agents
Pinata Winoto, Tiffany Ya Tang
SouthamptonTAC: Designing a Successful Trading Agent
Minghua He, Nicholas R. Jennings
Multi-agent models for searching Pareto optimal solutions to the problem of forming and dynamic restructuring of coalitions
Philippe Caillou, Aknine Samir, Pinson Suzanne

[Vannier] Technical session: KK: Knowledge Acquisition/ Knowledge Engineering

Context Refinement - Investigating the Rule Refinement Completeness of SEEK/SEEK2
Hans-Werner KELBASSA
Design as Interactions of Problem Framing and Problem Solving
Martin Dzbor, Zdenek Zdrahal
The Epistemology of Scheduling Problems
Enrico Motta, Dnyanesh Rajpathak, Zdenek Zdrahal, Rajkumar Roy

[Capelle] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

An Attribute Weight Setting Method for k-NN Based Binary Classification using Quadratic Programming
Lu Zhang, Frans Coenen, Paul Leng
AREX – Classification Rules Extracting Algorithm Based on Automatic Programming
Vili Podgorelec, Peter Kokol, Ivan Rozman
Music Performer Recognition Using an Ensemble of Simple Classifiers
Vili Podgorelec, Peter Kokol, Ivan Rozman

[Türing] Technical session: NM: Non Monotonic Reasoning

Defeasible Logic with Dynamic Priorities
Grigoris Antoniou
Uncontroversial Default Logic
Paolo Liberatore
Linking Makinson and Kraus-Lehmann-Magidor preferential entailments
Yves Moinard

[Hamilton] Technical session: RO: Robotics

Anchoring Action Representation to Perception in a Mobile Robot
Antonio Chella, Marcello Frixione, Salvatore Gaglio
Learning to Ground Fact Symbols in Behavior-Based Robots
Joachim Hertzberg, Herbert Jaeger, Frank Schönherr
MIP: A New Hybrid Multi-Agent Architecture for the Coordination of a Robot Colony Activities
Antonio Chella, Rosario Sorbello, Sabato Marco Siniscalchi, Salvatore Vitabile

[Coriolis] Technical session: UN: Uncertainty

Propagation of Multiple Observations in QPNs Revisited
Silja Renooij, Linda C. van der Gaag, Simon Parsons
Graph partitioning techniques for Markov Decision Processes decomposition
Regis Sabbadin
On the Complexity of the MPA Problem in Probabilistic Networks
Hans L. Bodlaender, Frank van den Eijkhof, Linda C. van der Gaag


[Curie] Technical session: AG: Agents

Avoiding Resource Conflicts in Intelligent Agents
John Thangarajah, Michael Winikoff, Lin Padgham, Klaus Fischer
Situated Cooperative Agents: a Powerful Paradigm for MRI Brain Scans Segmentation
Nathalie Richard, Michel Dojat, Catherine Garbay
On Modal Logic Interpretations of Games
Paul Harrenstein, Wiebe van der Hoek, John Jules Meyer, Cees Witteveen

[Hamilton] Technical session: CM: Cognitive Modelling

Grounded Models as a Basis for Intuitive and Deductive Reasoning: the Acquisition of Logical Categories
Josefina Sierra-Santibanez
A multi-agent and emergent approach to learner modelling
Carine Webber, Sylvie Pesty, Nicolas Balacheff
An Intelligent Inference Approach for User Interaction Modeling in a Generic Agent Based Interface System
Yanguo Jing, Nick Taylor, Keith Brown

[Coriolis] Technical session: CO: Constraints/Search

Stochastic Constraint Programming
Toby Walsh
Synthesis of Object Models from Partial Models: A CSP Perspective
Marco Alberti, Evelina Lamma
Arc Consistency in SAT
Ian P Gent

[Türing] Technical session: GA: Genetic Algorithm

Improving the Evolutionary Coding for Machine Learning Tasks
Jesus S. Aguilar-Ruiz, Jose C. Riquelme, Carmelo Del Valle
Evolving Bidding Strategies for Multiple Auctions
Patricia Anthony, Nicholas R. Jennings
The Use of a Genetic Algorithm in the Calibration of Estuary Models
S. Passone, P.W.H. Chung, V. Nassehi

[Vannier] Technical session: KR: Knowledge Representation

Extending and Unifying Chronicle Representation with Event Counters
Christophe Dousson
The Complexity of Checking Redundancy of CNF Propositional Formulae
Paolo Liberatore
Compilation and Approximation of Conjunctive Queries by Concept Descriptions
Francois Goasdoue, Marie-Christine Rousset

[Capelle] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

Effective Stacking of Distributed Classifiers
Grigorios Tsoumakas, Ioannis Vlahavas
An Incremental Algorithm for Tree-shaped Bayesian Network Learning
Josep Roure Alcobé
Learning Information Extraction Rules: An Inductive Logic Programming Approach
James Stuart Aitken


[Capelle] Invited talk: IT: Probabilistic Techniques for Personal Service Robots


[Capelle] Technical session: New Themes and Instruments in the 6th Framework Programme

New Themes and Instruments in the 6th Framework Programme


[Capelle] Technical session: KK: Knowledge Acquisition/ Knowledge Engineering

CAKE: A Computer-Aided Knowledge Engineering Technique
Patrick Doherty, Witold Lukaszewicz, Andrzej Szalas
Personalising On-Line Configuration of Products and Services
Liliana Ardissono, Alexander Felfernig, Gerhard Friedrich, Anna Goy, Dietmar Jannach, Markus Meyer, Giovanna Petrone, Ralph Schaefer, Wilken Schuetz, Markus Zanker

[Türing] Technical session: MBR: Model Based Reasoning

Modelling Contextual Meta-Knowledge in Temporal Model Based Diagnosis
J. Palma, R. Marín
Dealing with Discontinuities in the Qualitative Simulation of Genetic Regulatory Networks
Hidde de Jong, Jean-Luc Gouzé, Céline Hernandez, Michel Page, Tewfik Sari, Hans Geiselmann

[Coriolis] Technical session: NL: Natural Language

Parsing Natural Language using Guided Local Search
Michael Daum, Wolfgang Menzel
Processing information of geographical databases within a dialogue system : a pivot system
Vincent Maya

[Curie] Technical session: VI: Vision

A Deformation Tolerant Version of the Generalized Hough Transform for Image Retrieval
Marco Anelli, Alessandro Micarelli, Enver Sangineto
Shape Analysis and Classification using Landmarks: Polygonal Wavelet Transform
Roberto Marcondes Cesar Jr, Celina Maki Takemura


[Capelle] Technical session: IT: Invited Talk

IT: Invited Talk



[Capelle] Invited talk: IT: AI on the Ocean


[Hamilton] Technical session: AG: Agents

Polynomial algorithms for clearing multi-unit single-item and multi-unit combinatorial reverse auctions
Viet Dung Dang, Nicholas R. Jennings
An argumentation-based Semantics for Agent Communication Languages
Leila Amgoud, Nicolas Maudet, Simon Parsons
Verification of Protocols for Automated Negotiation
Shamimabi Paurobally, Jim Cunningham

[Coriolis] Technical session: CO: Constraints/Search

Progressive Focusing Search
Nicolas Prcovic, Bertrand Neveu
Pseudo-tree Search with Soft Constraints
Javier Larrosa, Pedro Meseguer, Martí Sánchez
An Algorithm for Multi-Criteria Optimization in CSPs
Marco Gavanelli

[Vannier] Technical session: KR: Knowledge Representation

Expressivity and Control in Limited Reasoning
Marcelo Finger, Renata Wassermann
Optimised Reasoning for SHIQ
Ian Horrocks, Ulrike Sattler
Automatic Learning in Proof Planning
Mateja Jamnik, Manfred Kerber, Martin Pollet

[Curie] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

On the Representation and Combination of Evidence in Instance-Based Learning
Eyke Hüllermeier
Reinforcement Learning Integrated with a Non-Markovian Controller
Istvan Szita, Balint Takacs, Andras Lorincz
Multiple and Partial Periodicity Mining in Time Series Databases
Christos Berberidis, Walid G. Aref, Mikhail Atallah, Ioannis Vlahavas, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid

[Türing] Technical session: NL: Natural Language

Adaptivity in Web-Based CALL
Galia Angelova, Svetla Boytcheva, Ognian Kalaydjiev, Stefan Trausan-Matu, Preslav Nakov, Albena Strupchanska
A lexical network and an algorithm to find words from definitions
Dominique Dutoit, Pierre Nugues
Natural Language Texts for a Cognitive Vision System
Michael Arens, Artur Ottlik, Hans-Hellmut Nagel


[Capelle] Technical session: PAIS 1: Information Systems

Programme driven music radio
Conor Hayes, Padraig Cunningham, Patrick Clerkin, Marco Grimaldi
A Framework for Rapid Development of Advanced Web-based Configurator Applications
Liliana Ardissono, Alexander Felfernig, Gerhard Friedrich, Dietmar Jannach, Ralph Schaefer, Markus Zanker (Austria)
International Insurance Traffic with Software Agents
Chris van Aart, Kris Van Marcke, Ruurd Pels, Jan Smulders
Personalized Adaptive Navigation for Mobile Portals
Barry Smyth (Ireland)


[Hamilton] Technical session: GA: Genetic Algorithm

Evolutionary Computation in MAS design
Carles Sierra, Jordi Sabater, Jaume Agusti, Pere Garcia
Using Multiobjective Genetic Programming to Infer Logistic Polynomial Regression Models
Andrew Hunter
Boltzmann Machine for Population-Based Incremental Learning
Arnaud Berny

[Vannier] Technical session: MBR: Model Based Reasoning

Can AI help to improve debugging substantially? Debugging Experiences with Value-Based Models
Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner, Dominik Wieland, Franz Wotawa
Towards an Integrated Debugging Environment
Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner, Dominik Wieland, Franz Wotawa
Diagnosis of Discrete-Event Systems with Model-Based Prospection Knowledge
Roberto Garatti, Gianfranco Lamperti, Marina Zanella

[Türing] Technical session: NL: Natural Language

Towards Answer Extraction: An application to Technical Domains
Fabio Rinaldi, James Dowdall, Michael Hess, Diego Molla, Rolf Schwitter
Anything to Clarify? Report Your Parsing Ambiguities!
Kerstin Bücher, Michael Knorr, Bernd Ludwig
Predicting the Components of German Nominal Compounds
Marco Baroni, Johannes Matiasek, Harald Trost

[Capelle] Technical session: PAIS 2: Decision and control

A Neural Network Approach for Forestal Fire Risk Estimation
Amparo Alonso-Betanzos, Juan Canda, Oscar Fontenla-Romero, Bertha Guijarro-Berdiñas, Elena Hernandez Pereira, Eulogio Jimenez, Jose Luis Legido, Susana Muñiz, Cristina Paz-Andrade, Maria Inmaculada Paz-Andrade (Spain)
Applying AI in Pro Sports: the RoboSail Project
Martijn L. van Aartrijk, Claudio P. Tagliola, Pieter W. Adriaans (The Netherlands)
Alarm Correlation in Traffic Monitoring and Control Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach
Stefania Bandini, Davide Bogni, Sara Manzoni

[Curie] Technical session: PL: Planning

Extending FF to Numerical State Variables
Joerg Hoffmann
Solving Power Supply Restoration Problems with Planning via Symbolic Model Checking
Piergiorgio Bertoli, Alessandro Cimatti, John Slaney, Sylvie Thiebaux
Combining Two Heuristics to Solve a Supply Chain Optimization Problem
Hoong Chuin Lau, Yuyue Song

[Coriolis] Technical session: VI: Vision

Pixel-based Behavior Learning
Louis Hugues, Alexis Drogoul
Deriving Textual Descriptions of Road Traffic Queues from Video Sequences
Ralf Gerber, Hans-Hellmut Nagel, Heiko Schreiber
Modeling Interaction Using Learnt Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Relations and Variable Length Markov Models
Aphrodite Galata, Anthony G. Cohn, Derek Magee, David Hogg


[Türing] Technical session: KK: Knowledge Acquisition/ Knowledge Engineering

CLIME: Lessons Learned in Legal Information Serving
Radboud Winkels, Alexander Boer, Rinke Hoekstra
Updating a Hybrid Rule Base with Changes to its Symbolic Source Knowledge
Jim Prentzas, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis

[Vannier] Technical session: KR: Knowledge Representation

Approximating Propositional Knowledge with Affine Formulas
Bruno Zanuttini
Hypothesising Object Relations from Image Transitions
Paulo Santos, Murray Shanahan

[Curie] Technical session: NM: Non Monotonic Reasoning

Notions of Attack and Justified Arguments for Extended Logic Programs
Ralf Schweimeier, Michael Schroeder
Iterated revision and the axiom of recovery: A unified treatment via epistemic states
Samir Chopra, Aditya Ghose, Thomas Meyer

[Hamilton] Technical session: NN: Neural Networks

Chaotic Time Series Prediction with Neural Networks - Comparison of Several Architectures
Rafal Mikolajczak, Jacek Mandziuk
Non-negative matrix factorization extended by sparse code shrinkage and weight sparsification non-negative matrix factorization algorithms
Botond Szatmary, Barnabas Poczos, Julian Eggert, Edgar Koerner, Andras Lorincz

[Capelle] Technical session: PAIS 3 : Model Based Diagnosis

IDD: Integrating Diagnosis in the Design of automotive systems
Claudia Picardi, Rosanna Bray, Fulvio Cascio, Luca Console, Philippe Dague, Oskar Dressler, Philippe Dubois, David Millet, Bernd Rehfus, Peter Struss, Christian Vallée (Italy)
Fault diagnosis of a continuous process using imprecise quantitative knowledge and causal models
Bruno HEIM, Sylviane GENTIL, Sylvie CAUVIN, Louise Travé-Massuyes, Bertrand Braunschweig (France)

[Coriolis] Technical session: UN: Uncertainty

Building Bayesian Networks through Ontologies
Eveline M. Helsper, Linda C. van der Gaag
Possibilistic logic representation of preferences: relating prioritized goals and satisfaction levels expressions
Salem Benferhat, Didier Dubois, Souhila Kaci, Henri Prade


[Hamilton] Technical session: AG: Agents

Adaptive combination of behaviors in an agent
Olivier Buffet, Alain Dutech, François Charpillet
Building Trading Agents: Challenges and Strategies
Maria Fasli, Ioannis Korres, Michael Michalakopoulos, George Rallidis
Agents and Their Cities
Patricia Charlton, David Bonnefoy, Nicolas Lhuillier
Engineering Issues in Inter-Agent Dialogues
Nikos Karacapilidis, Pavlos Moraitis

[Coriolis] Technical session: CO: Constraints/Search

An Empirical Study of the Stable Marriage Problem with Ties and Incomplete Lists
Ian Gent, Patrick Prosser
A Theoretical Framework for Constraint Hierarchy Solvers
Roman Bartak
Computing Minimal Conflicts for Rich Constraint Languages
Jakob Mauss, Mugur Tatar

[Vannier] Technical session: KR: Knowledge Representation

A Graph-Based Knowledge Representation Language for Concept Description
Alexandre Delteil, Catherine Faron
Querying semistructured data using a rule-oriented XML query language
Tadeusz Pankowski
Sensing and revision in a modal logic of belief and action
Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin

[Curie] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

Object Identity as Search Bias for Pattern Spaces
Francesca A. Lisi, Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Fanizzi
On Determinism Handling While Learning Reduced State Space Representations
Fernando Fernandez, Daniel Borrajo
Mining maximal frequent itemsets by a boolean approach
Ansaf Salleb, Zahir Maazouzi, Christel Vrain

[Türing] Technical session: NL: Natural Language

Saliency and the Attentional State in Natural Language Generation
Chris Reed
Acquisition of conceptual domain dictionaries via decision tree learning
Roberto Basili, Maria Teresa Pazienza, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
Empirical investigation of fast text classification over linguistic features
Roberto Basili, Alessandro Moschitti, Maria Teresa Pazienza

[Capelle] Technical session: PAIS 4: Expert Systems

DAI-DEPUR: An Environmental Decision Support System for the control and supervison of Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plants
Ulises Cortes, Ignasi R.-Roda, Joaquim Comas, Miquel Sanchez-Marre, Christian Cortes, Manel Poch (Spain)
Benefits of a Knowledge-based System for Parenteral Nutrition Support: a Report after 5 Years of Routine Daily Use
Werner Horn, Christian Popow, Silvia Miksch, Andreas Seyfang (Austria)
Online Diagnosis of Engine Dyno Test Benches: A Possibilistic Approach
Serge Boverie, Didier Dubois, Xavier Guérandel, Olivier de Mouzon, Henri Prade (France)



[Capelle] Invited talk: IT: In Search of the Horowitz Factor: Trying to Understand an Artistic Phenomenon with AI Methods


[Capelle] Technical session: ECCAI Dissertation Award

ECCAI Dissertation Award


[Curie] Technical session: CBR: Case-Based Reasoning

Strong, Fuzzy and Smooth Hierarchical Classification for Case-Based Problem Solving
Jean Lieber
Recommendation Engineering
David McSherry

[Vannier] Technical session: KR: Knowledge Representation

Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Reasoning with RCC-8 and Allen's Interval Calculus: Computational Complexity
Alfonso Gerevini, Bernhard Nebel
Reasoning about spatio-temporal relations at different levels
Thomas Bittner

[Capelle] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

Semi Supervised Logistic Regression
Massih-Reza Amini, Patrick Gallinari
Multi-Pattern Wrappers for Relation Extraction from the Web
Benjamin Habegger, Mohamed Quafafou

[Türing] Technical session: NM: Non Monotonic Reasoning

Feature Integration as an Operation of Theory Change
Hannah Harris, Mark Ryan
Network-based Truth Maintenance System
Subrata Das, David Lawless

[Hamilton] Technical session: PH: Philosophy

Robot Free Will
James Anderson
A Pragmatic Theory of Induction
John Bell

[Coriolis] Technical session: UN: Uncertainty

Bayesian Network Modelling by Qualitative Patterns
Peter Lucas
Bayesian Networks for Probabilistic Weather Prediction
A.S. Cofiño, R. Cano, C. Sordo, J.M. Gutiérrez


[Capelle] Technical session: ML: Machine Learning

From Margins to Probabilities in Multiclass Learning Problems
Andrea Passerini, Massimiliano Pontil, Paolo Frasconi
A new clustering algorithm based on the ants chemical recognition system
Nicolas Labroche, Nicolas Monmarche, Gilles Venturini


[Curie] Technical session: AG: Agents

Toward an Automatically Generated Theory of Coordination ¿ Empirical Explorations
Eun Gyung Kim, Nicholas V. Findler
Building Trading Agents: Challenges and Strategies
Maria Fasli, Ioannis Korres, Michael Michalakopoulos, George Rallidis
How Situated Agents can Learn to Cooperate by Monitoring their Neighbors' Satisfaction
Jerome Chapelle, Olivier Simonin, Jacques Ferber

[Coriolis] Technical session: CO: Constraints/Search

How to Establish Arc-Consistency by Reactive Agents
Ahlem Ben Hassine, Khaled Ghédira
Combining hypertree, bicomp, and hinge decomposition
Georg Gottlob, Martin Hutle, Franz Wotawa
Building State-of-the-Art SAT Solvers
Inês Lynce, João Marques-Silva

[Vannier] Technical session: KK: Knowledge Acquisition/ Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge Representation for Program Reuse
Sabine Moisan
Case Retrieval of Software Designs using WordNet
Paulo Gomes, Francisco C. Pereira, Paulo Paiva, Nuno Seco, Paulo Carreiro, José L. Ferreira, Carlos Bento
Similarity Between Queries in a Mediator
Alain Bidault, Christine Froidevaux, Brigitte Safar

[Hamilton] Technical session: NN: Neural Networks

Enhancing First-pass Attachment Prediction
Fabrizio Costa, Paolo Frasconi, Vincenzo Lombardo, Patrick Sturt, Giovanni Soda
A Simple Algorithm for Learning Stable Machines
Savina Andonova, André Elisseeff, Theodoros Evgeniou, Massimiliano Pontil
Neuro-Fuzzy Knowledge Representation for Toxicity Prediction of Organic Compounds
Ciprian-Daniel Neagu, Emilio Benfenati, Giuseppina Gini, Paolo Mazzatorta, Alessandra Roncaglioni

[Türing] Technical session: PL: Planning

A Temporal Planning System for Durative Actions of PDDL2.1
Antonio Garrido, Maria Fox, Derek Long
Representation of decision-theoretic plans as sets of symbolic decision rules
Niels Peek
Supporting goal based interaction with dynamic intelligent environments
Thomas Heider, Thomas Kirste