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Description logics are very modular (one constructor can be added to a logic together with the corresponding inference rules). In DLML, the syntax of each operator is defined in a single DTD, and its semantics in a single DSD. Then, a logic is defined by importing all the required DTD and DSD.

Constructor DTDs

We provide here the list of constructors given in [Nebel 1990] (but lrvm and eqrvm which cause minor problems to XML and can be simulated by using comp combined with rvm and sameas respectively) and [Donini& 1996]. Please, feel free to ask for others (with reference, or better, the DTD, I will acknowledge).
(These operators privide the CDESC and RDESC tokens).

Generic constructor descritions

These corresponds to atoms with a particular meaning.
anything.dtd - dsd
For the complete domain (<anything/>)
anyrelation.dtd - dsd
For the complete binary relation over the domain (<anyrelation/>)
nothing.dtd - dsd
For the empty domain (<nothing/>)

Concept constructor descriptions

and.dtd - dsd
For conjunction (<and>CDESC+</and>)
or.dtd - dsd
For disjunction (<or>CDESC+</or>)
anot.dtd - dsd
For restricted (to atomic concepts) negation (<anot>CATOM</anot>)
not.dtd - dsd
For negation (<not>CDESC</not>)
all.dtd - dsd
For role domain restriction (<all>RDESC,CDESC</all>)
atleast.dtd - dsd
For role minimal cardinality constraint (<atleast value="int">RDESC</atleast>)
atmost.dtd - dsd
For role maximal cardinality constraint (<atmost value="int">RDESC</atmost>)
exactly.dtd - dsd
For role cardinality constraint (<exactly value="int">RDESC</exactly>)
single.dtd - dsd
For role unicity constraint (<single>RDESC</single>)
none.dtd - dsd
For role non existence constraint (<none>RDESC</none>)
some.dtd - dsd
For role existence constraint (<some>RDESC</some>)
catleast.dtd - dsd
For role typed minimal cardinality constraint (<catleast value="int">RDESC,CDESC</catleast>)
catmost.dtd - dsd
For role typed maximal cardinality constraint (<catmost value="int">RDESC,CDESC</catmost>)
cexactly.dtd - dsd
For role typed cardinality constraint (<cexactly value="int">RDESC,CDESC</cexactly>)
csingle.dtd - dsd
For role typed unicity constraint (<csingle>RDESC,CDESC</csingle>)
cnone.dtd - dsd
For role typed non existence constraint (<cnone>RDESC,CDESC</cnone>)
csome.dtd - dsd
For role typed existence constraint (<csome>RDESC,CDESC</csome>)
rvm.dtd - dsd
For role-value map rvm (<rvm>RDESC,RDESC</rvm>)
sameas.dtd - dsd
For role equality (<sameas>RDESC,RDESC</sameas>)
notsameas.dtd - dsd
For role non equality (<notsameas>RDESC,RDESC</notsameas>)
overlap.dtd - dsd
For role overlaping (<overlap>RDESC,RDESC</overlap>)
oneof.dtd - dsd
For role enumerated domain (<oneof>ANY+</oneof>)
fills.dtd - dsd
For role fillers constraint (<fills>RTERM,ANY</fills>)
test.dtd - dsd
For algorithmic test (<test>ANY</test>)

Role constructor descriptions

androle.dtd - dsd
For role conjunction (<androle>RDESC+</androle>)
orrole.dtd - dsd
For role disjunction (<orrole>RDESC+</orrole>)
notrole.dtd - dsd
For role negation (<notrole>RDESC</notrole>)
range.dtd - dsd
For range restriction (<range>RDESC,CDESC</range>)
domain.dtd - dsd
For domain restriction (<domain>RDESC,CDESC</domain>)
self.dtd - dsd
For identity (<self/>)
comp.dtd - dsd
For role composition (<comp>RDESC+</comp>)
inv.dtd - dsd
For converse role (<inv>RDESC</inv>)
trans.dtd - dsd
For transitive closure of a role (<trans>RDESC</trans>)

Atom and formula introducers


These allow to markup atom identifiers (they define the RATOM and CATOM tokens).

atom.dtd - dsd
The DTD defining the basic atom elements (identifiers of atomic roles and concepts).
indiv.dtd - dsd
The DTD defining the declaration of individual (INDIVIDUAL.

Formula constructors

They are also called introduction operators (and defines the FORM token).

cprim.dtd - dsd
The (primitive) concept descriptions (<CPRIM>CATOM,CDESC</CPRIM>).
rprim.dtd - dsd
The (primitive) role descriptions (<RPRIM>RATOM,RDESC</RPRIM>).
cdef.dtd - dsd
The concept definitions (<CDEF>CATOM,CDESC</CDEF>).
rdef.dtd - dsd
The role definitions (<RDEF>RATOM,RDESC</RDEF>).
cexcl.dtd - dsd
The concept exclusion assertions (<CEXCL>CATOM+</CEXCL>).
rexcl.dtd - dsd
The role exclusion assertions (<REXCL>RATOM+</REXCL>).
ccover.dtd - dsd
The concept coverage assertions (<CCOVER>CATOM,CATOM+</CCOVER>).
rcover.dtd - dsd
The role coverage assertions (<RCOVER>RATOM,RATOM+</RCOVER>).


This is the toplevel tag for a terminology.

The DTD gathering the terminology (<TERMINOLOGY>FORM+</TERMINOLOGY>).

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