Interaction Graph

Here are shown Java applets used by the Knife knowledge base. They have been written at INRIA Rhône-Alpes in the Sherpa project by Sylvain Chicois.

IntGraphApplet is an extension of the Interactive Graph Drawing system developped by Úlfar Erlingsson in collaboration with Mukkai Krishnamoorthy. In this section are presented the classes extending the original applet.

Class profile

The original application contains about 35 classes. They are not modified in the application. The necessary adaptation of software to Knife required the extension of 3 classes. All of them have the prefix `Int' standing for `Interaction'.

IntGraphApplet extends GraphApplet
It enables displaying the graph directly into the HTML page loaded instead of displaying it in a separate frame. A new tokenizer analyses the applet parameter `edges' in order to distinguish different interaction types.
Interaction extends Edge
It represents the edges between the nodes of the network (which are genes). A simple symbolism at the extremity of the arrow allows the graphical representation of the 3 kinds of interaction (inhibition, activation, or both).
IntBlackboard extends Blackboard
Allows to create objects from class Interaction.


For instance, the HTML code:

<APPLET CODE="IntGraphApplet.class" CODEBASE="" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=400> <PARAM NAME=edges VALUE="Kr-Hb,Hb*Kr,tll*Hb,gt-Hb,tll-gt,tll-Kr,Kr-gt,gt-kni,tll-kni, Hb-kni,Hb-gt,gt-Kr,Kr+kni,kni-Kr,kni*gt"> </APPLET>

generates the following interaction network between gap genes:

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The source code can be found here: