Expression pattern

Here are shown Java applets used by the Knife knowledge base. They have been written at INRIA Rhône-Alpes in the Sherpa project by Sylvain Chicois.

The expression pattern of a gene groups all the localisations of its expression in the individual. This applet is developed in the aim to visualise the pattern of all gene expressed in an individual, at a particular developement stage, or in order to compare the expression of different allele of a same gene.

Class profile

The applet is made of four classes, which are in the file

ExpPatternApplet extends Applet
It enables displaying the pattern directly into the HTML page loaded. It creates an object from class ScalePanel and another one from class PatPanel. A tokenizer analyses the applet parameter `data' and allows creating, in the `PatPanel', objects from class  GenePattern.
ScalePanel extends Canvas
For the displaying of a scale witch represent the individual.
PatPanel extends Panel
GenePattern extends Object
Each object from this class contains three attributes, parsed by the ExpPatternApplet's tokenizer:


For instance, the HTML code:

<APPLET CODE="ExpPatternApplet.class"


NAME="Expression Pattern"







generates the following pattern display:

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The source code can be found here (all the classes are in the same file):