Appendix 7. Error messages

Here is the list of error messages. The R signifies that the error is recoverable and the S that it is a super error.

ada		already declared annotation label: %s
adb		already defined base : %s
adc		already defined class : %s
adcs		already defined class slot : %s
adf		already defined slot descriptor : %s
adk		already defined concept : %s
adks		already defined concept slot : %s
adkv		already defined concept view : %s
adl		already defined lexitem : %s
adm		already declared method: %A
adp		%s: already defined bridge in concept %A
aeo		already existing object for concept %A : %A
avs		slot %A already valued for object %s (%A)
bak		bridge across concepts
bcf		bad weighting coeficient (float between 0. and 1. expected) %A
btm		badly typed method %A
btv	S	badly typed value for slot %A
c-it		incompatible types: %A and %A
caf		cannot attach to filter %A
cbr		the group of bridges %A is inconsistant
ccv	S	%A: class slot constraint violation in class %A for value %A
cdnl		can't deal with nested lists for path %A
cdrc		cannot delete root class %A
cmk		cannot modify key slot
crrc		cannot rename root class %A
esk		cannot create slotless concept %A
fnf		file not found: %A
iac		Non compatible attachment classes: %A
ibr	S	the bridge %A introduces circularities
ick		key %A is not complete for concept %A, received %A
idb	S	ill-defined bridge (unrecoverable error) for %A: %A
ifpk		%A: ill-formed path from %A (no concept %A)
ifpm		%A: ill-formed path from %A (incorrect mode)
ifps		%A: ill-formed path from %A (no conceptslot)
isc		Illegal stream content: %A missing while reading %A
ivat		invalid value %A according to type %A
ivb		%A: invalid interval bound
ivbp		invalid bridge specification: %A
ivc		%A : invalid constructor for conceptslot %A
ivcd		%A : invalid cardinal for classslot %A
ivd		%A : invalid domain for classslot %A
ivdv		%A : invalid default value for classslot %A
ive		%A : invalid except for classslot %A
ivi		%A : invalid interval for classslot %A
ivk	S	invalid key %A for concept %A
ivks		invalid key specification %A
ivm		%A : invalid method for classslot %A
ivn		%A : invalid nature for conceptslot %A
ivp		%A : invalid unary constraint for classslot %A
ivs		%A : invalid split for classslot %A
ivsn	S	invalid slot values for %A, class %A
ivsp		invalid standpoint (list of views): %A
ivsv	S	invalid value for slot %A : %A (object %A)
ivt		%A : invalid type for slot %A
kcv	S	constraint violation for concept slot %A
mck		key %A for concept %A is missing in %A
naa		%A is not an annotation label
nab		%A is not a base
nac		%A is not a class
nacs		%A is not a class slot
nact		%A is not a constraint expression
naeo		%A is not an existing object
naev		%A is not an 'ensemble' value
naf		%A is not a filename
naft		%A is not a filter
naitv		%A is not an interval
nak		%A is not a concept
naks		%A is not a concept slot
nakv		%A is not a concept view
nal		%A is not a list
nali		%A is not a lexitem
nalv		%A is not a 'liste' value
nao		%A is not an object
naot		%A is not an ordered type
nap		%A is not a bridge
naph		%A is not a path
nas		%A is not a string
nasb		%A is not a symbol
nast		%A is not a stream
nat		%A is not a type
nauv		%A is not an 'un' value
ncs		non constructed slot %A
nct		non constructed type
neo		%A cannot be destroyed (not empty)
nib		%A not in base %A
nic		%A not in classes %A
nics		%A not in class slots %A
nik		%A not in concept %A
niks		%A not in concept slots %A
nikv		%A not in concept views %A
nip		%A not in bridges %A
ntr		string %A not totally read for type %A (rest %A)
perr		Error while parsing file %A line #%i.
rba	R	new bridge %A subsumes bridge %A
rbb	R	new bridge %A is subsumed by bridge %A
scv		class %A is in the same concept-view as another in the list
stv		%A: restriction not compatible with class %A
ucs		constructed slot %A non initialised in %A
uic		non instanciable constructor: %A
uif		non instanciable slotdescriptor: %A
uit		non instanciable type: %A
ukks		unknown concept slot %A for concept %A
w-eqt	R	both types are equal
w-ivp	R	':' instead of '.' at position %A in %A
w-str	R	strange refinement for slot %A in class %A
w-tld	R	prohibited values or intervals
w-tlt	R	new type included in the super-type
w-tnj	R	type overlapping
w-vat	R	value added twice to the set
wcfp		path %A has for constructor %A instead of %A
wtfp		path %A has for type %A instead of %A